Benjamin J. Smith, Creative Director

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t analyzing film.  I was and still am enamored with film, sound design, and every aspect of production.  Growing up in a home involved in custom home construction, a college degree in construction management, and 5+ years in commercial construction all made sense until, on a whim, I interviewed for and accepted the assistant producer intern position at The Dennis Prager nationally syndicated radio show in Los Angeles. This experience kick started my interest in professionally pursuing a career in marketing and video production. As with any start-up endeavor my projects were modest at first but over the last decade the scope of my projects have increased in size and complexity.  Every new project brings exciting challenges and a need for a custom touch.  I am blessed to have strong connections to other production specialists, which gives Backroads-Media the ability to take on any sized project. Our country is filled with businesses, entrepreneurs and idea people who build their dreams and weave inspiring pieces of America into something truly impressive. These are the people and companies I love to work with. I have a fascination for construction, design and manufacturing.  This fascination combined with my talent for storytelling has given me the privilege to travel the backroads of America and work with the hardworking people of this great country.